Katy. 18. NYC. Georgian (ქართველი)

"Don’t think that just because you don’t have a boyfriend or no one’s asking you out that you’re unapproachable. Men are intimidated by beautiful women. They’re afraid of getting their egos stomped on by someone so attractive. That’s the only reason why you’re single."

- my boss

Total stranger can make me feel 100 times better than anyone I know.

Parents have a way of making you believe that the problems in their life are all your fault.

I just want to travel all over the world and climb the highest mountains and just never stop exploring and meeting new people. I want to sky dive in Dubai (maybe without a parachute if it comes to that). I want to explore every inch of my native country. Is that too much to ask for?

If you don’t limit yourself regarding the type of music you listen to, I strongly advise you to listen to HURTS. There are no words to describe the pure genius behind these guys and the angelic voice of the lead singer. Seriously though, they are beyond anything I’ve ever listened to. 

I feel like I have no taste in music because I listen to all genres. But why limit yourself to one specific genre when there are so many amazing artists out there.

There is so much ass on my dash

I have no life, which gives me all day to ruin yours
- I live by this

romanians and french and just all europeans omg

Note to self: Next time you start liking someone, step out of your shitty little fantasy and look at it from a different perspective. Then maybe, just maybe, you won’t feel stupid