Pinched nerves and headaches along with some shitty attitude

i had legit no hw today and i decided i would go to sleep at 10 to get enough sleep and I CAN’T SLEEEEEP. IT’S ALMOST 12

Very very very unproductive evening #muchlazy

This whole mirror selfie thing is becoming a routine now #getready #selfiequeen

it’s fucking freezing outside and i took a very long nap and i’m not getting anything done and yea this is me begin very productive but  my eyebrows are looking fly so fuck errything else

I’m gonna see my momadukes this summer and all this stress will pay off ♥ #georgia2014 #onlythingthatkeepsmegoing

I’m a sad excuse for a human being

it is what it is

cheeeeesin’ :D in a pretty good mood today :’)